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How to Use i12 Inpods 1. Tap the charging case power on switch 2. Open the charging case and take off the earbuds,then earbuds auto-power on and pairing (important reminder:the condition of earbuds auto-power on is to turn on the switch of charging case) 3.Pair with the device: • Turn on Bluetooth in the device • Search i12 and connect to i12 Product Details: Both the left and right ears have full Bluetooth functionality and can be used individually or in pairs. 1. The left ear and the right ear touch the position • touch 1 time to answer the call. • the left earphone touches 2 times and the volume decreases, the right earphone touches 2 times and the volume increases. • the left earphone presses 3 times switch to the last song, and the right earphone presses 3 times switch to the next song. • long press for 3 seconds to power on, 5 seconds to shut down, two earphones will report at the same time. 2. Turn on the earphone after turning it off, and the earphone will automatically connect back to the phone; 3. The whole machine has voice prompts; 4. The earphone is a two-channel call, all the left and right ears have sounds; 5. The earphone music playback time is about 3 hours, the talk time is about 4 hours; 6. The battery capacity of the charging box is 300mAh, and the battery capacity of each earphone is 35mAh; 7. Charging time of the earphone is 70 minutes; 8. Charging box charging voltage 5V; 9. Charging time of the charging box is 1 hour, the capacity is 300mAh, red light flashes during charging, and the full light is always on; 10. The charging box can charge the earphone for about 4 times; 11. When the earphone is charging, the red light is always on, and the full light is off; 12. The charging box with a blue light when charges the earphone. 13. Compatible with IOS and Android.

Package inclusion:

A Pair of Earphones

Charging Box

USB Charge Cable

User Manual

3 reviews
  1. Kobby

    High quality and top performance
    I’ll order more. Thank you Valid Ghana!!

  2. Shafawu

    Very quality and affordable inpods

  3. Shafawu

    100percent quality goos

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